QCAD 3.17.0

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QCAD 3.17.0

Post by andrew » Thu May 18, 2017 3:48 pm

QCAD 3.17.0 adds a preference to show the layer status "frozen" in addition to "hidden".

QCAD/CAM 3.17.0 is released simultaneously, bringing QCAD/CAM back on track after a major overhaul adding tool management, toolpath generation, cutter radius compensation, lead in/out and much more.

A brief tutorial for QCAD/CAM is available at: http://qcad.org/doc/qcadcam/QCADCAM_Tutorial_en.pdf

A complete change log is available at:

Update instructions for QCAD Pro or QCAD/CAM users can be found at:
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