QCAD 3.17.2

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QCAD 3.17.2

Post by andrew » Tue Jun 27, 2017 2:18 pm

QCAD 3.17.2 adds new alternative projection types to the isometric projection tool. Multiline texts and formatted complex texts are now exploded into single line, simple texts. SVG export of multi-line and formatted texts has been improved. A new tool to copy (duplicate) blocks has been added.

The QCAD command line tools dwg2bmp, dwg2pdf, dwg2svg and dwg2maptiles come with a new -layer switch to export a given set of layers only.

QCAD/CAM 3.17.2 adds new post processors for EMC2 and Mach3 controllers.

A complete change log is available at:

Update instructions for QCAD Pro or QCAD/CAM users can be found at:
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