dxflib + hatch/seedpoint

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dxflib + hatch/seedpoint

Postby flu » Tue Jun 30, 2009 8:45 am


i considered to purchase an professional dxflib license.
I made some test with dxflib to see if it fits our needs and i ran into two problems:
We need to handle filled hatchloops but the seedpoint (Hatch group code 98 ) is not interpreted by dxflib. As i understood the DXF Reference manual the seedpoint is the start point for some sort of "flood-fill", or am i wrong and filling is handled in another way?
My tests also showed that the number of hatchloops (Hatch group code 91) is not evaluated correctly by dxflib. In my test file is a hatch with two hatchloops but data.numloops evaluates to 1 in function addHatch.

I first ran into dxflib a year ago and and today it still has version
Is there any active development anymore so that there is a chance that these two issues will be corrected in the future?

I would be pleased to receive comments.


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