update QCAD to preprocessor for scientific computing

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update QCAD to preprocessor for scientific computing

Post by gdiso » Sat Feb 07, 2009 2:06 pm

Dear Sir,
First, I wish to express my gratitude to your work on QCAD, which is a powerful yet affordable CAD system. More over, I should thank your generous to put QCAD open source, which helps me much.

Let me introduce myself. I am one of the developers of Cogenda Pte Ltd, a startup company focus on scientific computing. Our flagship product is a 2D/3D parallel semiconductor simulation code. You can visit our web http://www.cogenda.com for more details.

In Dec, 2008, the company decided to develop a 2D preprocessor. It should have the ability to build 2D semiconductor device with arbitrary shapes, and do triangular meshing. After research, I chose to develop the preprocessor based on your QCAD system. After one month’s hard work, the QDRAW was born. It reaches all the requirements we planed before. Of course, QDRAW is also published under GPL license. You can download it from our website.

I should say it is relatively quite simple to update QCAD to be a preprocessor for scientific computing. The main changes to QCAD I made are listed below:
- Add label to each entity. (For boundary marks)
- Add material property to hatch (a hatch is considered as a region in the semiconductor simulator)
- Add mesh generation function.
- Export mesh to special file format

I wonder if you are interested in integrating the meshing function to QCAD. I think this powerful and easy to use tool will be welcomed by scientist and high school students.

You can visit my day-to-day commit to QCAD by git tool for reference.
The source code is hosted by github: http://github.com/hash/qdraw/tree/master
And I am willing for any help.

Gong Ding

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Post by michael » Fri Feb 13, 2009 11:47 am

Great job! Works great out of the box and also very well documented.

So it seems to be that your QDraw is one of a first extended QCad application for a real industrial used science application.

BTW: I worked for a company who did such software. So I know a little bit what you are talking about.
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Re: update QCAD to preprocessor for scientific computing

Post by janif » Tue Jun 09, 2009 10:26 pm

gdiso wrote: The source code is hosted by github: http://github.com/hash/qdraw/tree/master
New site seems to bee: http://github.com/cogenda/qdraw/tree/master


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