why qcad- compiled completely but can't run?

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why qcad- compiled completely but can't run?

Postby jzq740176597 » Wed Apr 16, 2014 2:43 am

like title metioned, I use vs2010,QT4.8.5 compiled the source successfullly,but when debuging run, it failed.

problem located in

Code: Select all

 // iterate through module list and break if one module cannot be loaded
    QStringList modules;
    modules << "qt.core" << "qt.gui" << "qt.uitools" << "qt.webkit" << "qt.sql"
            << "qt.svg" << "qt.xml" << "qt.xmlpatterns";

#ifndef Q_OS_WIN32
    // NOTE: qt.network wrapper does not compile under Windows (SSL problems)
    modules << "qt.network";

    for (int i=0; i<modules.size(); i++) {
        engine->importExtension(modules.at(i)); [b]//this line![/b]

engine->importExtension(modules.at(i)); will goto %qcadDir%/plugins/script find some DLL. but is blank in my case even though compiled successfully.

in that folder there's only a readme.txt, prompt "Script plugins will be compiled with QCAD into this folder."

I don't understand what's it means.

any advice will be appreciated.

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