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Feedback: Bloat noticed

Posted: Thu Nov 10, 2011 6:46 pm
by rephil
Hi - trying QCAD 3.0. I appreciate the .DXF/.DWG functionality.

On desktop / office machines, the new libraries and codebase really don't cause much trouble in being slightly slower.

QCAD 2.2.2 was actually usable on an ancient Toughbook (PII, 366 MHz, 128M, Debian, XFCE) that could actually stand living in the shop or going out in the field. This was nice for looking at prints, etc., or doing sketches on-site.

I don't expect you (or anyone!) to support machines that old, but it would be nice if 2.2.2 didn't completely vanish or lose ability to open QCAD3 files. I'm sure the plus of maintainability outweighs the really sleek design of QCAD2, but I can't brag about it from a size/speed standpoint anymore.

Thanks for the good work!