Duplicate layer with subs

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Duplicate layer with subs

Post by CVH » Wed Mar 25, 2020 8:27 am

Referring to Husky's bug report:
https://www.qcad.org/bugtracker/index.p ... sk_id=2056

In my case it is common to duplicate complete sets of layer structures.
My 'clients' are picky and I re-create proposals as separate sets.

My workaround:

Used Y+/- to include or exclude entire layers to a selection.
-! Former art was that this included sublayers.
-! Newer art is the layer selection in the layer Widget itself.
The idea is that you end up with all the desired layers their entities selected.

Copy with reference. Ref e.g. 0,0
Start new drawing.
Paste ( NOT to current layer; Other options 0,1, no to all ).
Edit the top parent layer name.
Select All ( If lost focus ).
Copy with reference. Ref e.g. 0,0
Switch back to the source drawing.
Paste ( NOT to current layer; Other options 0,1, no to all ).
Kill the new drawing.

This way you have more freedom as with YY+subs. :wink:
In my case I would leave out what wasn't accepted and redo it for a new proposal.

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