Install on Manjaro/ Arco/or Arch, Qcad 3.26.4

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Install on Manjaro/ Arco/or Arch, Qcad 3.26.4

Post by olddude » Wed Sep 08, 2021 5:00 pm

Hi Guys,
I just wanted to share how I got my new QCad 3.26.4 Pro Linux x86-64 installed into my Manjaro and Arco Linux OS's.
First, when I followed the instructions given, I would get different messages but not the run option to start the install, after a bit more research I found that 1. I needed to have XTerm install on my system, also for some reason since I'm using the XFCE desktop the file system is Thunar. I don't know why Thunar would not play nice. so my backup has always been PCManFM file system, so I installed the package and made the required tweaks as per the QCad installation instructions, and when I double-clicked on the Qcad installation file and I was prompted by the what to do with this. I picked open and the software was installed with no problem.
I hope this helps someone.

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