How to hatch In qcad

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How to hatch In qcad

Postby vito » Wed Nov 03, 2010 7:03 am

Hi guys ,
I am new to qcad .I have seen several posts on hatching but i could get help from those . the thing is i wanted to solid fill selected portions of my digram which has curvy boundaries. even when i draw a simple circle or rectangle i am not able to use the solid fill option. even the status says hatch created successfully.

I am not even able to view preview , i changed the scales suitably but nothing seems to work i shifted to draft mode , i don't know what this normal mode means but to no avail , guys please help .. i need to get this thing done fast and spent quites oem time drawing this.

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Postby andrew » Wed Nov 03, 2010 8:22 am

Please make sure that you are NOT in draft mode (i.e. Menu View - Draft is NOT checked).

Start with a rectangle:
- Select the rectangle and choose Draw - Hatch
- In the hatch dialog, tick "Solid Fill" and "Enable Preview"
- Preview should show a solid filled square
- Click OK to apply hatch

To hatch any shape, the shape must be a closed contour, no gaps, no overlaps.

The hatch boundary must be defined by lines or arcs. To use splines, ellipses or ellipse arcs as hatch boundary, they must be exploded into line or arc entities first.

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