Still not there...

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Still not there...

Postby jaime » Thu Feb 21, 2008 11:04 pm

okay, I tried jonboy steps and I just create lines. I also check the freeform to make sure nothing snaps anywhere else.

I do keep an eye on the command line and did follow that, but I'm I missing something else?

So does qcad only makes extension lines as a dimension and the label is supposed to be the dimension? I'm asking because I thought the label was just that, a label or is this where the actual dimension number is supposed to go? Sorry, but I'm just confused as heck with this. Where do I type the dimension number and will the drawing redraw for this dimension? I haven't changed any default directory settings so I am running it from were it's installed.

Let me see if I can add a screenshot for you...guess not

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