Infinite Construction Lines

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Infinite Construction Lines

Postby KTibbs » Fri May 09, 2008 5:47 pm

I've recently purchase the QCad professional and am having difficulty getting used to it. Previous CAD experience involves ME10, SolidDesigner, and CADIntosh.

In all of these applications I can easily create infinite construction lines with minimal data entry and then either draw over them as guidance or trim them to become my geometry; however, I get the impression that construction geometry within QCad is "draw a line a little longer then trim" concept. The former requires a single point selection; whereas, the latter requires the specification of two points with the added delay of having to figure out the appropriate two points needed to span the likely space in which the geometry would exist.

Is there a single point specified infinite horizontal and vertical line tool that I've missed?

Sorry for the newbie question. Any guidance is appreciated.


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Postby ttrw » Mon May 19, 2008 8:18 pm

Hi Kevin,

I get the impression that construction geometry within QCad is "draw a line a little longer then trim" concept.

QCad is more like AutoCAD, and behaves in a very similar manner, however is far, far easier to use than ACAD, once you have mastered the tool palette.

Yes, there are no provision for infinite construction lines, as you rightly point out. However it is possible to create your own construction lines easily by creating a new layer, naming it 'construction lines' (I tend to use dot/ dash lines in yellow), then by using the line tool, set a length of say 10,000mm in whatever direction you choose (from the origin at 0,0- red cross) and lay down some construction lines from that.

You can always save this file and name it 'my template' or whatever, so it can be opened next time you come to draw. Remember to also set up your drawing for millimetres or inches in the current drawing preferences.

These preferences will also be saved in your template. Also remember that QCad will always default to 1:1, so if you specify a line to be 1000mm (1 metre) it will be 1000mm, when your draw your dimensions.

FWIW, I struggled with CADintosh, but my drafting ability was transformed once I discovered QCad. Now I find that I can use QCad as fast as a pencil and a ruler, so any concept sketching, I can get down in seconds. I do also recommend printing off and comb-binding the QCad manual. There are companies such as who will do this via the internet if you wish.

I hope that helps, and please don't hesitate to ask more questions when need be.

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