Draw lines equally spaced around a ring

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Draw lines equally spaced around a ring

Post by Stachi » Sat Jan 31, 2009 4:27 pm

Hi Peeps,

i'm fairly new to this whole CAD thing, but I'm tired of having to ask other people to help me out. So here's my problem, sorry for the long explanation, my technical english isn't that good.

I need a Ring, 600mm OD, 500mm ID. Since Laser Cutting would be to expensive for the first to third prototype/machine I'd like to make it from flat stock, welded together. It has to be machined anyways on the mill, so that's no prob.

I have drawn the Ring (two circles, thats NOT the problem :D) and drawn a line on the horizontal plane between the two circles. Now I used Copy and Rotate to generate 7 additional lines (so this results in 45 Degree cuts between the pieces, 360/8=45). Now I have drawn a line between the intersections on the ID of the Ring. How can I generate the lines on the outside parallel to those on the ID, connect them with the lines representing the angle and measure the outer length and the width of the needed flat stock?

I think that it's fairly easy, and I imagine I could do it in my old AutoSketch 1.0 for Windows (Boy, time goes by..) but I'm lost in QCad :(

If it isn't understandable what I wrote, please tell me so and I'll try my best to explain!



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