How do you scale inserts to FIT drawing?

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How do you scale inserts to FIT drawing?

Postby Gooserider » Fri Feb 06, 2009 4:58 am

I am having a problem with my drawing, and can't find an answer in the QCAD book or manual. I am making a floor plan of our existing house, and need to put in doors in various places, along with other features that I imagine would have similar problems... :?

In the parts library, there is a door "68D76x10" that would work, but I need to size it to fit the various openings. Is there a way to automatically scale the block so that it fits properly? I have tried playing with the scale, and by guessing, can get it kind of close, but this is tedious at best, and the fit is marginal...

I'm thinking there should be some way to pick two reference points on the block, and corresponding points on the drawing, and have the block automatically scaled to fit?

I have tried playing with "stretch" and that doesn't seem to do ANYTHING with the blocks, and scaling only seems to give the option to adjust the size numerically, but not do a "snap to entity" size adjustment.

Is it possible to do this, or am I better off mostly ignoring the parts library and drawing each door by hand? :(


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