Isometric - lost in space?

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Isometric - lost in space?

Post by Husky » Thu Jul 04, 2013 9:05 pm

If you have to work on Isometric drawings - you have to design your perspective in at least 6 directions.
QCAD provides a lot of tools like iso grid, move/copy (etc.) with polar coordinates or line from angle.

I'm not doing this every day what means I have always to remember the correct main angle values to work in the desired direction. Ok, maybe that is only me! :lol:
However, to make my life easier I designed a "Axis of coordinates" Symbol as a block in my Library and can now use it where ever I need it for my constructions.
Maybe you too. 8)
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Just put it into your library - use it in your drawings - delete it (if you like) after your job is done.
Axis of coordinates.dxf
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Have fun!!!

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