Clean up after rework on drawings. SOLVED

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Clean up after rework on drawings. SOLVED

Postby bobfey » Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:24 pm

I tried search with no luck. So here goes my question.

I am working mostly on floor plans right now. I make a complete plan and then 'save as' and rename the design. Now I will rework and area, say master bath for example. So I remove what is there and rearrange the area. I keep repeating the 'save as' and rework into a 3rd design. As I progress with these redesigns I find that some points remain and also show on the prints. I go back in with the edit tools but can't seem to get these leftover points to go away.

In the cleanup effort I zoom in much closer but still can not make a contact and removal.

Is there any sort of cleanup routine that I have missed in the book or the help section? If not, could such a thing be developed? Something that could be activated that would scan the drawing and eliminate any points not connected for example. These points are on different layers as I can hide the layer and make the spots go away.
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Postby andrew » Fri Jan 29, 2010 8:37 pm

QCAD shows only entities that are present in a drawing and are not on invisible layers. Whatever you see on your screen is an entity that exists in your drawing. It is not possible to make a cleanup algorithm since QCAD cannot know which entities you intend to keep and which entities you would want to delete. For QCAD, every entity in your drawing is equally relevant and legitimate.

You can usually select entities (to delete them) by clicking on them. In some cases, the entity might be hard to select (e.g. a line with length zero or an arc or circle with a radius of zero). In this case, use the region selection:
- move mouse cursor to a position slightly to the left and above the entity
- press down the left mouse button
- move mouse cursor to the right and below the entity
- let go of left mouse button

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Postby bobfey » Fri Jan 29, 2010 9:37 pm

Thank you. I believe I have removed most points from my drawings.

Your solution reminds me of a very old CAD program that had a Window Erase tool. Works just the same but I did not think of that method of blocking the area. In the old CAD program any entity completely surrounded by the window was erased. I think that is how your solution works as well as I had some points very close to the line and the box actually crossed the line. But the line remained when I hit DEL.

That old CAD program was called Generic CADD. I still have a copy but with todays software and hardware it is pretty slow and hard to use. Not near as quick and simple a QCad.

Happy with your response.

I have also used CADDAM, CATIA, and AutoCad, but like what I have now.

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