all blocks on same layer - how to avoid?

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all blocks on same layer - how to avoid?

Postby klavs » Thu Dec 02, 2010 3:24 pm

I am drawing my house 3 levels (basement, ground and 1rst floor) in one drawing using layers.

I would like to have each levels objects on a seperate layer - but if I add a new object (I tried door_01)- it "disappers" if I "hide" the layer (obj-v) the existing elements are in. This does not happen with the "indoor" elements.

Also - I appearently have to have a layer specificly for the objects (they are created when the object is inserted) - I can't have them on an existing layer with f.ex. other entities - such a table I drew myself etc.

What is the correct way to solve this? Is it not feasible (ie. I need a seperate drawing for each floor - and can't share the common items - like outer wall)?

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