Trim with Splines does not work

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Trim with Splines does not work

Postby schnitti » Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:11 pm


I am new and I want to invite myself. My name is Wolfgang and I am using qcad for design of modell airplanes. the dxf files are used to mill it on a milling machine TRON+, which is currently build up. In the future i will give CAM-Expert a chance to do the job.

My Problems:

1) If we have an jpeg/raster Image and are willing to digitize it, then we will have to use splines. In normal use to design a fuselage of an airplane, you often only draw one side and simply mirror it to the other side. Because this digitizing is done by hand (clicking each point), we sometimes have to close the lines after mirroring it to get a closed curve. I did this by trim function. Obviously trimming of 2 splines does not work for me.

2) Modell airplane fuselage are often build with stringers, so I have to cut the above mentioned splines and insert a rectangle for the stringers. This also does not work, used function: insert in a spline.

Any proposals to do this?

THX in advance


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Postby andrew » Mon Jul 13, 2009 5:52 pm

You might have to explode your splines to achieve some of this (Modify - Explode).

This leaves you with line segments which can also be combined into a polyline if desired: Draw - Polyline - From segments

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