DXF files from QCad2.1 do not work properly in QCad

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DXF files from QCad2.1 do not work properly in QCad

Postby Jens » Thu May 17, 2007 9:09 am

I am using QCad2.1 since the first day. Recently I downloaded QCad2.2.8 and Qcad2.3.0. After uninstalling Version2.1.0 and installing Version2.2.8 I am noticed that the AutoZoom feature and the preview not worked like in QCad2.1. : It was not possible to zoom out completlie (I guess I could see only 50%). The complete drawing is still there, as I was able to pan to the invisible areas. I was also not able to use the print preview feature (did not scale the A4 sheet. On another drawing I lost all solid filled areas.
I faced the same problem with Version2.3.0. After that experience I uninstalled the version 2.3.0 and reloaded Version 2.1.0. I opened the drawing mentioned before and had no problems with autozoom and printpreview except that I had lost the solid fill during my tests. I have checked also all relevant settings. I am pretty used to Qcad as I am using it since Version1.5.
Any Ideas?
In the meantime I am using Version 2.1.0 again which is working without any problems at all.
I can supply the relevant DXF files if required.

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Re: DXF files from QCad2.1 do not work properly in QCad 2.1.

Postby andrew » Wed Oct 31, 2007 9:19 am

About the solid fills: please make sure that you are not in draft mode (see also FAQ):

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