convert from/to Delphi Diagrams

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convert from/to Delphi Diagrams

Postby CarlFK » Sat Mar 14, 2009 8:30 pm

I would like to use qcad to edit a cad like thing: seating chart for PyCon (someone has to define where each chair, table, podium, camera will go - that someone is me.)

The hotel (Hyatt) staff works with Delphi Diagrams which natively saves to foo.ssp - which is an xml looking thing:

<item type = "Drawing"> <properties> <name>"Drawing"</name> <center>"(0,0)"</center> <RCX>"0"<RCX> <RCY>"0"</RCY> <endpoint1>"(0,0)"</endpoint1> <endpoint2>"(0,0)"</endpoint2> <width>"0"</width> ... 1.4mb of this.

I found where I can download the software:
and confirmed that there is no "Export as dxf" or anything useful. (it can do gif and pdf)

If someone can give me a "convert to dvx" program, I'll give them 2 comp passes to PyCon (its in 2 weeks, sorry about the last minute...) If you can give me "convert dfx 2 ssp" I'll buy you dinner at PyCon (I don't really care abut that direction, but might as well)

or if you want to do this out of the goodness of your heart, that would be great too.

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