Changing dimension values and sizes of arrows.

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Changing dimension values and sizes of arrows.

Postby OldAl » Mon Mar 23, 2009 3:32 pm

In qcad pro what is the simplest way to

1. Change the size of arrows of a dimension; (It seems to be drawn in the scale of the object scale; Other CAD programs sometimes offer choice between paper plane and object plane fordimensions and title blocks,viz TurboCAD).

2. Can I change the dimension value, that is too say if the dimension is 4.025 for instance, how do I enter 4.0 instead- or for that matter, 2.5 ?

Great program - a joy to break remaining ties to Win32. Thank you!

OldAl in sweltering Canberra (daytime 32 C, night a pleasant 12 C - end of summer).

PS: My need for CAD is to enter frame diagrams for a Structural Analysis book licensed with GPL.
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