Mouse pointer not visible with certain tools

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Mouse pointer not visible with certain tools

Postby namaquaguy » Fri Jul 24, 2009 8:32 am

I have not found a similar problem mentioned in this forum, so I hope I'm not repeating an existing topic.

I have been using QCAD for a short while only, and everything seems to work OK. But this morning I discovered that when I try to use tools such as 'chamfer/bevel' or 'lengthen', the mouse pointer disappears from the drawing area.

Here is a specific example: I have a rectangle, and I want to chamfer one of the corners. So, I click on 'chamfer/bevel' and enter the distances in the Options toolbar. I now have to select the entities, but as soon as I move the mouse pointer into the drawing area, it disappears, so that I cannot select the entities. The same thing happens when I try to lengthen a line using the 'lengthen' tool.

Ubuntu 9.04, QCAD Professional

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