Qcad reliability with windows screen saver ?!

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Qcad reliability with windows screen saver ?!

Postby MiHeGo » Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:31 pm


NB : please read all my message, wrtitten in 2 phases ! ':P'

I just had a big frustration : I was working on my project with QCAD Pro, made a lot of modifications, regularly saved them. Before thinking about my next changes, I saved my file say at 19:00.
While I was preparing my next changes, my Windows XP sp3 went asleep with its screen saver.
When I came back on my keyboard, this screen saver was still operational. The QCAD window was showing "attention request" in the taskbar (as usual if I'm working with another application).
I opened the QCAD window and surprise, most of my changes were gone, some of the layers too, my last modifications between 18:14 and 19:00 were lost even if I saved them at 19:00. ':evil:'

So I lost my work, including layers made a few days ago and not expressly deleted. The last saved file showed 18:14 ?. I made a search : no more recent files nowhere on my hard disk.

I don't understand !

Has someone someting to say about QCAD deleting changes and saving older versions withoiut user request ?

Michel, dégouté... end of first part

While I was writing this post, I switched to the QCAD to check its version : and big surprise : all my last modifications were there... ':shock:'
Apparently nothing lost. And I can swear I had no 2 QCQD sessions, with the most recent one hidden in the taskbar ?

Again I don't understand ! and I'm not drunken or too much tired or dreaming. ':?'

Just to inform you about this strange case, even if I know as an IT professionnal that IT software is always some kind of a mystery.

Michel, abasourdi ':?:'

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Postby andrew » Thu Jan 28, 2010 9:56 pm

Could be that your screensaver 'remembered' a certain state of your screen and restored that to efficiently turn back from screensaver to normal mode. It certainly sounds like the old drawing you saw was just an old screen buffer.

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Postby MiHeGo » Thu Jan 28, 2010 11:49 pm

Andrew, thank you for your quick reply, as usual

Could be screensaver's fault, yes ?

I better believe that somehow the windows taskbar was keeping too much links to previous tasks and first displayed the first loaded QCAD image, even if I closed it long before. I closed it again.

Later, after my search for the QCAD version, the last active task appeared back in the taskbar and when I selected it, my project was there with its last content.

Still, what I don't understand (and for sure there will be many things I shall never understand, be it in IT or in real life like women - generally ;-))) - children smiles or building balance - Pisa tower - or a stair calculation)... is why the file was still displayed in its folder as saved at 18:14.

Happily, everything is ok !

But I hope I'm not too late, Andrew, to wish you (again ?) the best for 2010 and as it's never too early to begin with the good things, I wish you the best until the end of 2010 ;-) "bonne fin d'année" !

... including hoping for some way to copy one complete layer - at the layer level - globally from one project (file) to another one.


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Postby sjfloat » Fri Feb 26, 2010 2:14 am

I had something like this happen. I did a drawing, printed an image to a file, which I still have. I saved the drawing and quit. When I returned to the drawing, *most* of my changes were gone. Qcad lost *hours* of my work. Unless someone can help me understand what happened, I definitely though with qcad.

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