Qcad 2010

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Qcad 2010

Postby jamesarbrown » Fri Feb 05, 2010 11:00 am

Hi Andrew,

When will QCAD 3 prof 2010 be released?

We are encountering more and more difficulty dropping new dwg back to the old DXF2000 format (using ACME cad convert) and maybe DXF2007 may help fix this.

Infact so bad we have being using acad to plot to HPGL and then using hpgl-dxf convertor to ensure they come into qcad exactly like intended.

Will QCAD3 help the rendering of large DXF. We have some small DWG say 500k that become bloated (say 5mb as dxf). Qcad can take literally 2-3mins to load and render.... even though the machine continues happily on other apps (Qcad isn't using the machines full resources.)

If you want a really bad dwg+DXF please let me know

Or is there anything else that can help.

Best Regards


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Postby andrew » Mon Feb 15, 2010 2:33 pm

We don't have a more accurate release date for QCAD 3 yet.

We are always interested in real life data files: info [at] ribbonsoft.com.

Some types of drawings will perform better in QCAD 3 (e.g. drawings with many block or text entities).

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