Relationships and Editing

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Relationships and Editing

Postby Mark » Thu Jul 26, 2007 6:37 am

For background, I'm used to AutoCAD, Solidworks and Inventor, but am looking to use QCad at home because it can run under Linux and looks like it will do everything I need for personal use. Waste not, want not.

It seems like a lasting relationship between entities isn't made with snaps like it would be in the above mentioned programs. For example, if I snapped the center of a circle to an intersection between two lines, then moved one line (and hence the intersection), the circle would remain unchanged. Is this the case or am I missing something?

(Note that this is in now way a pointed question.)

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The answer is...

Postby rlhorn » Thu Jul 26, 2007 7:13 pm

No. You can not create a relationship in Qcad like you could in Acad.

You do have the ability to use grips, to a certain degree. So you could move the lines and then grip the end point of the one line and snap to center of circle.

Afterthough: Could also use the stretch command. Grab the 2 lines and leave the second anchored to the center of circle.

QCad is not Autocad, and I dont think it ever will be. But I will say, I like it (Qcad that is) and have never looked back.

Just one mans personal opinion.

I used to use the programs you mentioned as well. (2002 Acad and 2005 SW). I was really tired of trying to keep up to date with the yearly or so updates put out by the above companies, and I was sick and tired of MS.

Since I work for myself contracting here and there. I switched to Linux a few years back. I now use Qcad and Varicad.
QCAD v2.1.3.2 on KUBUNTU Feisty Fawn v7.04

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