completely new application based on QCad framework

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completely new application based on QCad framework

Post by s4eed » Sat Nov 23, 2013 10:06 am

Hi dear users specially dear Andrew! :D
I'm going to create a new application based on QCad application framework. Searching through the net didn't have a useful result.
So what't the way? Should I create my own menus and actions based on tutorials on the QCad site and just run QCad.exe itself?
I tried to remove some of useless menus for my project from scripts folder but QCad didn't start!
I just want to have a program that can import dxf files and then I'm going to add some new functionality to it.
Thanks in advance !

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Re: completely new application based on QCad framework

Post by andrew » Sat Nov 23, 2013 11:37 am

First remove the QCAD Pro and QCAD/CAM trial plugins if you haven't already. These plugins depend on the QCAD tools in ./scripts.

Now you can remove the tools you don't want by deleting the appropriate directories.

Note that some tools depend on others.

For example, to remove all tools connected to block handling, remove the directories:

If you remove tool by tool and always check if QCAD is still working, you should be able to strip it down to the bare minimum.

Some hints:
- look at the console output to check for error messages
- enable the script debugger (it will pop up as soon as a dependency is not met, a script cannot be found, etc):
./qcad -enable-script-debugger

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