Pocket milling

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Pocket milling

Post by CVH » Thu Jul 09, 2020 8:23 am

among others...

A multi-offset is not a very good solution.
Meanwhile, I still use my build in CAM from my CNC driver.

Anyone can!

Download Eding cnc, the driver soft is free and runs in simulation mode (without an Eding board)
#EDIT# https://edingcnc.com/download-software/

The soft is not very demanding and removed in a blink.
It's not a small player in the industry anymore.
You could configure the CNC part in respect with your machine.
The G-code will then be simulated correctly as well.

There is a 'Program' Tab that takes dxf files and makes *.cnc files with G-code.
It can Drill, Engrave, Pocket and Offset (in/out) with a bunch of other standard tricks.

However, this 'EasyCAM' section isn't updated anymore longtime and has some smaller hiccups.
Like Polys with NO pattern ... intricate pockets may have little 'defects' at some points for some settings ...
... a lower limit on the bulge of polys ...
A good prepared dxf and minor adjustments to the settings resolves that.

For the rest it works as a charm and is free (to try).
I can advice their driverboards over Linux and Mach.

Maybe Andrew can contact Bert for the used libraries ???


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