QCAD Vorzeigeprojekte

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  • Hybrid, electric-diesel propulsion passenger ship - Hélios is the first passenger ship featuring hybrid, electric-diesel propulsion.
  • Max Sphere - Design of mixing machines. "It [QCAD] does everything from the files I send off to be water jet cut out to the machinist drawings and even the complete layout of the mixer."
  • Thursday Bicycles - Custom built, handmade bikes.
  • IeaRobotics, Juan González Gómez - A modular, worm-like robot called 'Cube', composed of 8 similar linked modules. The web page is in Spanish, but there are images and cool movies (movie 1, movie 2).
  • TAKUMI Shop - TAKUMI Shoji, Japanese lamps, Japanese paper, Japanese arts and crafts. Import, fabrication and distribution.
  • Windmill Enterprises - Windmills and the Comstock Festivals.
  • LSM Technologies, Inc - Laser Scanning and Image Acquisition.
  • P L Daniels - Self made remote controlled model airplanes, designed with QCAD. Page contains lots of pictures, some movies and complete plans (PDF and DXF).
  • Michael Naef - Remote controlled model gliders, designed with QCAD. Contains complete DXF plans as well as pictures and other information about model gliders (in German).
  • Daub CNC Technik - CNC-sheet metal working, case manufacturing for the electro industry, powder coating, screen printing, welding, enameling, assembly, CAD-CAM prototypes - and more..
  • Schreinerei Klee4 - Carpenter for ecological, high-grade furniture. (German)
  • DragonX - Holder design (Japanese)
  • Forthwood - Forthwood, toys making (French)
  • Chip Online - Article in "Chip online", "Quo CADis?" (Polish)
  • Mark J. Foster - His 'Special Edition' Shuttle SS40G
  • John Kingsley - Stucco Sprayer