Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) with QCAD/CAM

QCAD/CAM is QCAD Professional with a CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) module. The QCAD/CAM software includes every tool and feature that QCAD Professional has - but in addition it also has some CAM specific tools to export drawings to machine readable file formats such as G-Code. Such files are usually used to control computer controlled machines (CNC) such as milling machines, engraving machines, LASER cutting machines, plasma cutting machines or water jet cutting machines.

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Click here for a brief tutorial guiding you from preparing the drawing, adding tools and toolpaths to G-Code generation and simulation.


Maximum Flexibility

While QCAD/CAM is specialized in generating CAM specific output for use on a CNC machine, it can be configured to generate virtually any output from any given CAD file. This is made possible through our new ECMAScript based output configuration. The output can not merely be configured - instead, the output filter is programmed in ECMAScript. This opens a vast number of possibilities for QCAD/CAM users. The output can be configured to produce G-Code, G-Code dialects or other open or proprietary, even binary formats. If the specification is known, it can be produced.

Main Features

QCAD/CAM adds the following features and tools to QCAD:

  • CAM tool management
    • Adding, editing, removing tools (e.g. mills)
  • CAM toolpath management
    • Creating profile toolpaths with radius compensation, lead in/out, overcuts, multiple passes, etc.
  • CAM Export
    Export CAD drawing to configurable CAM output (for example G-Code)
    • Interpolations
      • Interpolate splines as tangentially connected arc segments within a given tolerance
      • Interpolate ellipses as arc segments
      • Interpolate TrueType font texts as arcs and line segments
  • Gerber format import (GBX, RS274X)
  • G-Code import
  • True shape nesting