New Web Site

QCAD has a new web site!

In the midst of the major QCAD 3 update (which is still ongoing), we were forced by our web space provider to update to a new server system which broke some major parts of our web site.

We took this as an opportunity to update our web site and in the process make it easier to keep it up to date. As a result, there are some changes and improvements you may notice:

  • We have a new forum which finally allows for attachments. The contents and user accounts of the old forum have been ported to the new forum.
  • The online shop was updated to a more modern and simpler system. We are no longer using Zen Cart but PrestaShop instead. All existing user accounts remain the same.
  • The rest of the web site is now based on Joomla. This will allow us to update and add contents more easily and as a result more frequently.
  • There is now a simple blog (you are looking at it). This blog will be the primary platform to write about what is currently happening with QCAD and related technologies.

I'm looking forward to use this new web platform to take QCAD to yet another level!